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"Hello. I'm Jerry Scheidbach. It's time for your brain massage!" If you are part of the ever-growing radio and podcast audience of the Brain Massage® show, you've heard me say, "What will it be today, lights on, or lights off?" Years ago, while broadcasting live in Santa Maria, CA, I made a comment and followed it up with "That should get the lights on out there!" The phones were slammed with calls from listeners enthusiastically letting us know they were turning their lights on in homes and in their cars! Since then, I invite my listeners to let me know whether the lights are on during every broadcast. You will find the Brain Massage® show to be a "lights on" experience even if don't always agree with everything I say because it's full of illuminating information and incisive insights. 

Pastor Scheidbach presents social/political commentary on current events from a conservative Christian perspective that is informed by the Bible. He thrusts the Sword of the Spirit into the belly of the Dragon of deceit with every show, exposing the lies that are blinding men's minds to the Truth that would set them free, and keep them free. His show reaches an estimated 100,000 plus listeners each week.
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